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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 03.24.10] trailer scifi thriller mystery

Watchtower films may be a new kid on the block but the indie production company already has a few projects in the works including this one, a bizarre little film formerly known as Awake and now re-titled to The Lost Sheep.

The film isn't in production yet, they're still looking for funding, but Watchtower has released a short teaser which does an effective job of selling their idea (even if it's not totally clear what that idea is). The film is being labelled as a "mystery, sci-fi, horror film" that begins with a strange call to 911 and unravels when a couple of cops are dispatched to investigate. Not much more to go on at the moment but as mentioned before the teaser is very effective and certainly has me wondering what the heck is going on.

We’ll keep you updated with more details as they develop.


Trailer after the break.

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donc48 (12 years ago) Reply

I like this trailer and I agree it is a fairly effective trailer and they need a little more meat on the bones. This could be about anything that could be a weakness in trying to sell this I wish them luck in getting funding.


Slimwhitt (12 years ago) Reply

Header says "Invation". You probably mean "Invasion".


Marina (12 years ago) Reply

Thanks Slimwhitt. Fixed!


JackCrow (12 years ago) Reply

Here is what is going on:


Anonymous (12 years ago) Reply

Company called Watchtower Films, project called Lost Sheep, can you say "cheaply produced Jehovah's Witness propaganda"? 'Cause I'll lay money that's what it is.


Watchtower Films (12 years ago) Reply


This is Patrick Ruhlig, Director of Watchtower Films. First of all I would like to thank Marina Antunes for posting this page. Secondly I would like to say that Watchtower Films is in no way shape or form connected or affiliated with the Jehovah's Witnesses. We actually get that comment quite a bit yet it is merely a coincidence. The Lost Sheep teaser is very vague by design, however we will be releasing more content in the near future. More information, including the cast list, can be reached on our website at or you can follow us on Facebook at

Thanks for the support!

Patrick Ruhlig
Director of,
Watchtower Films


Liz (12 years ago) Reply

This gives me chills! Excited to see more =)


Anonymous (12 years ago) Reply

Dear "Anonymous", if that is your real name, if you've ever met any of the guys involved in Watchtower, you'd know that they're pretty far from Jehovah's Witnesses. Just as you are pretty far from clever. Douche.

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