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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 03.29.10] Spain thriller drama gallery

Better known for his work behind the lens of Brad Anderson’s The Machinist, Transsiberian and Alejandro Amenábar’s Agora, cinematographer Xavier Giménez is taking a step up the ladder of movie making and directing his first feature and it sounds like a doozy of a film.

Tranquility Valley (Animales domésticos) is a story of tough love taken to the extreme. When Fran, a teenager, starts to get out of control with drinking, drugs and general trouble making, his father Luis takes a drastic step to regain some semblance of control over his son: boot camp. But Tranquility Valley is more than just bootcamp and though the staff there pride themselves in teaching kids discipline and respect their methods are a bit questionable, or so I gather from both the poster and a few of the images from the film which recently hit the web. The other thing that suggests this might get a bit rough is the film’s Spanish title which directly translates to “Domestic Animals;” talk about softening the blow by changing the English title to something as innocuous as Tranquility Valley.

Currently in post production, we’re not yet privy to a trailer but boy, this sure looks nice. Like we could really expect anything less from Giménez? We’ll let you know when the trailer drops but for now, check out a gallery of sweet images included below.

Via 24fps.

Gallery after the break.

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