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io9 [Celluloid 03.31.10] movie horror cult documentary

Troll 2 has a zero-percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and its legendary awfulness has gained it cult status. An awesome documentary called Best Worst Movie (review) explores the experience of this movie's star, a small-town dentist.

Best Worst Movie has already won tons of acclaim at film festivals, and now you may have the chance to see it in your town:

April 23 – Austin, TX: Alamo Drafthouse
• May 14 – New York, NY: Village East Cinema
• May 21 – Los Angeles, CA: Landmark Nuart
• June 4 – San Francisco, CA: Landmark Lumiere
• June 4 – Berkeley, CA: Landmark Shattuck
• July 2 – Washington, D.C.: Landmark E Street Cinema
• July 16 - St. Louis, MO: Landmark Tivoli
• July 23 - Atlanta, GA: Landmark Midtown Art Cinema

Dr. George Hardy and writer/director Michael Paul Stephenson will answer audience questions at a live Q&A event following opening night screenings. Afterwards, attendees are invited to attend the official BEST WORST MOVIE after-party at The Highball.

There is also an all new trailer so check that out after the break.

Originally published by Charlie Jane Anders on io9.

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Lotus Eatters (12 years ago) Reply

I loved troll...
I hate troll 2 with a passion.

Its a personal dream of mine that one day when I get rich, pfff, that I will go back and remake any sequels that suck and pretend the original sequels never existed.

For instand, "return of the living dead" and part 2 of return of the living dead are freaking great, but all the rest are nothing but steaming piles of dog feces. I feel strongly that the directors should be beaten with sticks.

Troll 2 is terrible. Troll is awesome!

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