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quietearth [Celluloid 04.06.10] Spain movie trailer news scifi drama

Wow, looking good, unfortunately this is only a concept teaser for a film which sounds both scifi and heavy on the arthouse side. I hope we see more soon.

What if you got back home... and there was nobody there?

In 1975, the first Russian cosmonaut on the Moon is unable to make his way back and is declared missing in Space. However, through ghostly radio messages, he claims to have come back to Earth and found it empty, not a living soul.

His unrealistic presence and his voice will little by little destroy the world of his beloved ones.

Concept teaser after the break.

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Brett (11 years ago) Reply

This looks pretty promising, but I swear to Christ that I have heard this exact story somewhere else. Anyone know if this is adapted or a rehashed idea?


Vatea (11 years ago) Reply

Sounds a bit like Portal (A dataspace retrieval) by Rob Swiggart


Arnold (11 years ago) Reply

Ummm... a movie called QUIET EARTH?? Man awakens to find the world empty, until he finds 2 other people.

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