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quietearth [Celluloid 04.13.10] movie news scifi comedy

I don't know what the current status of this film is, but it's billed as an interpersonal comedy with robots which is set on a space station and the concept work looks fantastic. It looks like a cross between Buck Rogers and a swingers party. Beedi-beedi! Bring it on!

For Misty, a thirty year-old sexpot housewife, one of the benefits of living on the Omega 76 Space Station is getting to spend time with Dr. Bot, a valium prescribing therapist droid. This frustrates her technician husband, Ted, who desperates wishes they could go back to the time when she was in love with him, and fully engaged with the raising of the daughter, Sunshine. Although only seven years old, Sunshine's been left to fend for herself on the ship, as Ted and Misty are constantly occupied with their mundane jobs and pursuits of self-fulfillment. Life on the space station really isn't much different than it was in suburban communities of the 70's, except for maybe the added danger of having Captain Glenn Terry, a bitter, suicidial wreck of a man, at the helm of the ship. Drowning in resentment and struglling with his bisexuality, Glen hides the secret the he had a rocky affair with his ex-Assistant Captain, Daniel, who left the ship under mysterious circumstances. Replacing him is Jessica Marlowe, and ambitious and mostly misunderstood feminist, whose arrival on the ship inadvertantly ignites tensions among everyone.

Concept photos after the break.

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daryl quesnel (10 years ago) Reply

wow its just like space 1999,cant wait


Anonymous (10 years ago) Reply

The sets are straight Space 1999 down to the comm panels in the pillars and the 70s style Moon City wardrobe by Rudi Gernreich


Electric Sheep (10 years ago) Reply

I'd sure like to see this station get boarded by the Funkadelic Mother Ship.


Gregory (10 years ago) Reply

This IS Space:1999! These "concepts" are photo-shopped screen captures from the actual show. It may be an interesting concept but this is not original. These guys are dancing with copyright infringement. As a fan of the show, it comes across as blatant plagiarism.

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