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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 04.13.10] movie news fantasy gallery

With inspiration coming from other dark fantasy classics like The Dark Crystal, Pan’s Labyrinth and even Gilliam's Brazil, how can we NOT be smitten with Dan Rowbottom's upcoming Raven Waiting?

Currently in pre-production, Dan tells us the film is an ambitious undertaking, blending live-action with puppet work and even the odd bit of animation. And, while he doesn't think of it as being overtly steampunk, its mix of Dickensian style with fantasy elements definitely gives it that vibe.

Set within the confines of a strange town, ‘Raven Waiting’ is a fantastical film about fear of the unknown. The town is encircled by a large wall, built to protects the inhabitants from an evil beyond.

Within the town, Juliette learns that her grandfather has died and left her a curious book shop. When she arrives at the book shop she discovers her grandfather was part of a secret society of creatures that protect the town.

Raven Waiting is a co-production between Rowbottom's Cosmic Apple and the newly formed Rowbot Street - a social enterprise that works with young people to produce films in the UK. As part of the film making process it provides opportunities to young people to take part in the production of the film.

Check out some concept art from Raven Waiting after the break.

visit the official Raven Waiting site for more info on the film.

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Skinstripper (12 years ago) Reply

The character designs are kinda boring and unoriginal, though technically done well, I guess.

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