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Marina Antunes [Contests 04.14.10] movie contest action thriller

Over the last two weeks you entered, and I mean you really entered, to win a couple of wicked movies. The time has come to announce the lucky folks that have won a few goodies from us.

First up are a few copies of Tony (review), Gerard Johnson's serial killer film which has been getting a lot of love around these parts.

Winners: Congrats to Carlyn Fabbro, Christian Burgess, Sebastien Simard and Brett Smith.

Our other little contest was to win a copy of Peter Stebbings' Defendor (review) starring Woody Harrelson as a wannabe superhero.

Winner: Congrats to C.S.Strowbridge.

DVDs will be shipping shortly so keep your eyes peeled on your mailboxes for the goodies. If you want to win more free stuff from us, it’s easy: just stay tuned to this space for more awesome giveaways!

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Brett (12 years ago) Reply

Thanks guys, can't wait to watch Tony


samploo (12 years ago) Reply

congrats to the winners (:


Christian Burgess (12 years ago) Reply

I won??? Nice :D

Thanks so much!

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