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quietearth [Celluloid 04.20.10] France movie trailer news drama fantasy

Yet another film we reported on way back November.

Jiro Taniguchi's popular manga "A Distant Neighborhood" (Harukana Machi e) has been adapted for the screen in Europe by German director Sam Garbarski. The film has played in Cannes, but this is the first footage we've seen. It's kind of a Replay scenario for those of you who've read that book and it looks mighty fine.

Thomas is in his 50s, married, a family man, worn down by the tedium of his life. Returning from a business trip, he takes the wrong train and ends up unexpectedly in the town where he grew up, and to which he has not returned for years. He visits his mother?s grave and is overwhelmed by memories of her, and of his father who disappeared without trace, on the eve of his birthday, 40 years ago. Overcome by dizziness, Thomas collapses, unconscious.

Coming to, he sees that his mother's name is no longer inscribed on the gravestone. Is he dreaming, or has he travelled back in time? A child once more, he has no choice but to return home, to his mother, his kid sister, his dog.

Trailer after the break.

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