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quietearth [Film Festival 04.21.10] Israel movie trailer news drama

Now this is definitely my type of film. There's no talking in the trailer and it's just a smatter of scenes of our main character framed in loneliness.

Isaac, a young yeshiva student, an only child to born-again orthodox parents. Trapped in a dysfunctional family and a failing body, Isaac finds refuge in wandering. Tormented by his newfound infertility, Isaac looks for answers in his father’s dubious past. Wandering through the backstreets of the city, he seeks deliverance.

Trailer after the break.

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chuck (12 years ago) Reply

This was a strong, intriguing trailer. It would be interesting if the entire film was dialog free, telling a story of isolation with action, jesture, and ambient set noise. Strongly looking forward to this one.


Sausagecat (12 years ago) Reply

Dialogue free scenes let alone whole movies often don't work. When they do they are amazing but in Sausagecat's opinion that they often feel contrived and turn up in contrived shitty hipster indies because liek silence man, liek wwwhhhhhoooooooooaaaaaaaa...

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