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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 04.22.10] Argentina movie short horror

Grindhouse awesome. That’s what this is.

A couple at a night club escape into the bathroom for a little romp. Between a bit of kissing, a bit of groping and few flushes of the toilet, things take a turn for the worse and rather than worrying about finding a contraceptive, they find themselves trying to avoid the wrath of… The Bathroom Blonde!

If it sounds a bit cheesy it’s because it is cheesy. Cheesy fun. I’m not sure what was more amusing: the shenanigans of the lovers or the fact that the monster lives in the sewer and was awakened by a toilet flush. Props to director and editor Daniel Barosa who cleverly cuts this so it looks like the blonde in the bad wig really is coming out of the toilet – without the use of effects.

Word of warning, this is definitely NSFW.

Short film after the break.

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