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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 04.22.10] movie news horror

I wouldn't say I was a "fan" of Bousman's work. I thought Repo! The Genetic Opera was an interesting idea, but it was executed in such an obnoxious way that it put me right off. And Saw? Well, after the first Saw all the Saws are really just more Saw, so no I wouldn't say anything Bousman brought to the table was all that noteworthy.

Well, word is that the Bousman's coming back with yet another "big concept" horror film called Ninety. Why Ninety? Because the film will be 90 kills in 90 minutes. Intrigued yet?

The plot follows a psychotic killer hoping to set a record by committing 90 murders and according to THR the film was written Scott Milam who collaborated with Bousman on the upcoming horror tale "Mother's Day."

So what do you think? Boundary pushing, or just plain pushing it?

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donc48 (12 years ago) Reply

Repo! The Genetic Opera Yeah it put me off to, SAW you’ve seen one you have pretty much seen them all. This sounds like more slasher and burn, count me out.


Kresh (12 years ago) Reply

Well, at least they're not pretending that they're trying to make a good movie.

Honesty counts, yeah?


Anonymous (12 years ago) Reply

Sooooo the film will be a kill occurring every minute?

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