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quietearth [Film Festival 04.29.10] France movie trailer news scifi horror comedy drama mystery

I get the feeling by the synopsis this is going to be some serious metaphysical kung-fu (and I don't mean martial arts), although the brief teaser doesn't have much. Is this cat going to use tires against people?

In the Californian desert, an incredulous audience attends a telepathic tire’s adventures which is mysteriously attracted by a beautiful young lady. An investigation begins.

And here's a translated synopsis from the facebook page:
Rubber is the story of a tire named Robert who, after discovering a pile of burning tires, decides to avenge his people by blowing people's head ... like tires.

Ok so I'm guessing robert isn't a tire and he will be blowing "up" people's heads like tires, but, just a guess.

Teaser after the break.

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Anonymous (12 years ago) Reply

No, Robert absolutely, 100% IS a tire. An angry, psychic one.


Anchor Bay UK (12 years ago) Reply

I love this! Genius!

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