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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 05.07.10] France trailer news horror

Actually, this isn’t too far off from the premise for French filmmaker Antoine Blossier’s debut feature. Prey (Proie) follows Nathan on his first hunt, an unplanned hunt which kicks off when his father-in-law is attached by a terrorized deer. Wondering why the deer attacked, father-in-law rounds up his sons and Nathan, who has never even held a gun, and they head into the nearby woods to find out what scared the deer so badly. What they find is more than they can handle and the next thing you know, the hunters have turned into the prey.

It sounds like wild boars but the trailer is nicely cut to give the full effect of terror without giving away the mystery of the animal/monster in question. All I know is that it looks bloody and that's definitely a good thing.

Trailer after the break.

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Anonymous (12 years ago) Reply

Mariana, I don't understand the first sentence in the article - are you saying he has made another film prior to this similar in theme? His imdb page says that this is his first film.

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