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quietearth [Film Festival 05.21.10] movie news

And the winner for film I most want to see is Gô Shibata's DOMAN SENMAN which I hear is incredibly weird. This is the same guy who did the serial killer with cerebral palsy flick Late Bloomer (Osoi Hito).

Other notable films include Merantau, the world premier of Alien vs Ninja, Mutant Girls Squad and Hitoshi Matsumoto's Symbol which I'm also dying to see.

The festival runs from June 25th to July 8th, and you can hit the NYAFF website right here.

Full lineup after the break.

Official Opening Night Film
IP MAN 2 (Hong Kong, 2010, North American Premiere) - Sammo Hung and Donnie
Yen throw down in this lavish martial arts flick that blew the Hong Kong box
office wide open and beat IRON MAN 2 like a redheaded stepchild.
***The movie's star and action choreographer, Sammo Hung, will be present.

Centerpiece Presentation
CONFESSIONS (Japan, 2010, International Premiere) - Tetsuya Nakashima
(MEMORIES OF MATSUKO) returns to the NYAFF with his brand new movie about a
school teacher convinced that her daughter was murdered by one of her own
seventh-grade students. This was the most buzzed-about discovery in Cannes
this year.
Presented with Japan Cuts: Festival of New Japanese Film

Official Closing Night Film
BLADES OF BLOOD (Korea, 2010, International Premiere) - from the director of
KING & CLOWN, the biggest hit in Korean box office history, comes this
massive, posh swordplay flick about a hero leading a coup against the king
and the blind swordsman who's out to stop him.
***Director Lee Joon-Ik will be at the screening.

COW (2009, North American Premiere) - hick farmer, Huang Bo, tries to
survive WW II with his best buddy: a cow. By the time this movie is over
you'll believe a cow can cry.
*** Actor Huang Bo will be at the screening.

CRAZY RACER (2009, New York Premiere) - Ning Hao (CRAZY STONE) has made a
movie that's like a Warner Brothers cartoon on crystal meth. Huang Bo plays
a disgraced Olympic bicyclist reduced to being a delivery man, and Ning Hao
sends him chasing after his dignity in a modern-day China full of con men,
creeps, hustlers, scam artists, assassins, gangsters, drug dealers,
murder-for-hire morons and all the other joys of modern day capitalism.
*** Actor Huang Bo will be present.

SOPHIE'S REVENGE (2009, New York Premiere) - Zhang Ziyi produced and stars
in this madcap romantic comedy that co-stars Mainland diva, Fan Bing-bing,
and Korean stud muffin, So Ji-Sub. Want to see the face of modern China?
It's not in any Jia Zhangke movies - it's here in this slick, funny rom com.

TIAN AN MEN (2009, International Premiere) - one of the movies created for
the 60th Anniversary of the Founding of the People's Republic of China, this
is an earnest, unironic film about the struggles and sacrifices of the men
and women who...cleaned up Tiananmen Square in 1949? A lavish special
effects spectacle, it's like "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" Communist

Hong Kong
BODYGUARDS AND ASSASSINS (2009, New York Premiere) - the story of a ragtag
team of bodyguards who gave their lives to protect Dr. Sun Yat-sen on his
trip to Hong Kong, it made a ton of loot at the box office, stars an
all-star cast and was nominated for more Hong Kong Film Awards than any
other movie in history. Plus, Donnie Yen fights a horse.
***Actor Simon Yam will introduce the screening.

DEVELOPMENT HELL (2010, North American Premiere) - the uncut, uncensored
documentary about the suicides, deaths and disease outbreaks that plagued
BODYGUARDS & ASSASSINS, the most famous "cursed" Hong Kong film of all time.
(Development Hell will screen in conjunction with BODYGUARDS & ASSASSINS)

EASTERN CONDORS (1987) - a once-in-a-lifetime screening of Sammo Hung's
Vietnam War blow-out. A true masterpiece. It will be screened on a 35mm
print that was given to us by a private collector, and there will never be
another chance to see it in theaters.
***Director, action choreographer and star Sammo Hung will be at the
screening. It will be followed by an in-depth Q&A about his career.

ECHOES OF THE RAINBOW (2010, North American Premiere) - a bittersweet eulogy
to 1960's Hong Kong, it won a special prize in Berlin, earned Simon Yam his
first "Best Actor" trophy at the Hong Kong Film Awards and it saved the
street on which it was shot from demolition.
***Actor Simon Yam will be at the screening.

GALLANTS (2010, North American Premiere) - like COCOON but with kung fu,
this rocking action comedy features a cast of martial arts legends from the
70's, now in their 60's including Chen Kuan-tai, Bruce Leung and Teddy
***Actor Bruce Leung will be at the screening.

IP MAN (2008) - starring Donnie Yen, it's the first movie about Bruce Lee's
master and it sparked the current revival of old school Hong Kong martial
arts movies that's seeing everyone from Herman Yau to Wong Kar-wai shooting
Ip Man projects.

IP MAN 2 (2010, North American Premiere) - Sammo Hung and Donnie Yen throw
down in this lavish martial arts flick that blew the Hong Kong box office
wide open.
***Actor and action choreographer Sammo Hung will be at the screenings.

KUNG FU CHEFS (2009, North American Premiere) - Sammo Hung likes to do two
things: cook food and kick ass. Finally, here's a movie that lets him do
both. The kind of cracked, casual B-movie classic that Hong Kong used to
crank out in the early 90's, full of butt-kicking action and mouth-watering
***Actor Sammo Hung will be present.

LITTLE BIG SOLDIER (2010, New York Premiere) - Jackie Chan's return to
greatness, it's the best and most moving film he's made since 1994's DRUNKEN
MASTER II. Now in his 50's, Jackie can't rely on death defying stunts to wow
the audience anymore and instead he's had to dig deep and give his best
actual acting performance in a movie with one of the best screenplays he's
ever worked with.

RED CLIFF UNCUT (2008/2009) - celebrate freedom on the Fourth of July with a
screening of John Woo's massive, five-hour plus martial epic shown uncut,
the way God - and John Woo - intended. God Bless America!

THE STORM WARRIORS (2009, US Premiere) - the closest thing to a Hong Kong
comic book ever put onscreen, this is like World of Warcraft via Iron
Maiden, a heavy metal martial arts flick full of sword power and fist
***Main bad guy Simon Yam will be at the screening.

MERANTAU (2009, New York Premiere) - you think Tony Jaa is awesome, then
check out this rocking slab of exploitation action starring Iko Uwais, an
ace practicioner of Silat, Indonesia's unique martial art. This movie is an
excuse for him to put people in traction and to jump off of buildings.

8000 MILES (2009, North American Premiere) - a funnier version of Eminem's 8
MILE about rappers dying on the vine in the boring suburbs. This was Japan's
sleeper hit of 2009.
***Director Yu Irie will be at the screenings.

8000 MILES 2: GIRL RAPPERS (2010, North American Premiere) - the same
premise (rappers in the sticks, dreaming of Tokyo) only this time they're
women and the result is a less funny, more moving and deeply affecting film.
***Director Yu Irie will be at the screening.

ALIEN VS NINJA (2010, World Premiere) - the first movie from Nikkatsu's
Sushi Typhoon label, it's about an alien that comes to Earth to hunt humans.
It is unstoppable. It is unkillable. It is insatiable. But it made one
mistake: it's not ninja-proof.
***Actor Masanori Mimoto will be at the first screening.
Presented with Japan Cuts: Festival of New Japanese Film

ANNYONG YUMIKA (2009, North American Premiere) - part documentary, part
personal odyssey, part porn movie, this flick's about legendary adult film
actress Yumika Hayashi's career in Korea.
***Director Tetsuaki Matsue will be at the screenings.

THE BLOOD OF REBIRTH (2009, New York Premiere) - director Toshiaki Toyoda
(BLUE SPRING, HANGING GARDEN) makes a triumphant return to filmmaking with
this trippy revenge saga that sticks its throbbing soundtrack deep inside
your ears, while its shimmering visuals fry your eyes.
***Director Toshiaki Toyoda will be present.
Presented with Japan Cuts: Festival of New Japanese Film

BOYS ON THE RUN (2010, North American Premiere) - a movie that will capture
the heart of the serial masturbator inside all of us. This sex comedy starts
with the borrowing of a bestiality DVD and ends with a Travis Bickle-style
fist fight and in between it's humiliating and hilarious in equal measures.
Presented with Japan Cuts: Festival of New Japanese Film

CONFESSIONS (2010, International Premiere) - Tetsuya Nakashima (MEMORIES OF
MATSUKO) returns to the NYAFF with his brand new movie about a school
teacher convinced that her daughter was murdered by one of her seventh-grade
students. She vows to take revenge on her entire class...and that's just in
the first 20 minutes.
Presented with Japan Cuts: Festival of New Japanese Film

DEAR DOCTOR (2009, New York Premiere) - Miwa Nishikawa's (SWAY) deceptively
simple movie about a small town doctor won every major Japanese film award
(21 and counting) and it's one of the smartest and most twisted films in our
Presented with Japan Cuts: Festival of New Japanese Film

DEATH KAPPA (2010, World Premiere) - the Kappa is a delightful Japanese folk
monster that's cute as a biscuit...until Nazis cause it to grow to enormous
size and go on a kill crazy rampage! A pitch perfect recreation of the 80's,
direct-to-VHS monster movie.
Presented as part of Midnights @ IFC

DOMAN SEMAN (2010, World Premiere) - Go Shibata (LATE BLOOMER) has made a
rocking thrash anthem about pretty boys bashing the homeless, occult
conspiracies, mental emissions, magic mushrooms and massive zombie attacks.
Like a Richard Lester film transformed into a magikal ritual to stave off
the apocalypse, it'll kick down your doors of perception like a psychedelic
SWAT team.
***Director Go Shibata will be at the screenings.

GOLDEN SLUMBER (2009, New York Premiere) - the director of last year's
festival fave, FISH STORY, returns with this twisty conspiracy thriller
about a simple delivery man who's framed for the assassination of the Prime
Presented with Japan Cuts: Festival of New Japanese Film

LIVE TAPE (2010, North American Premiere) - on New Year's Day, 2009,
director Tetsuaki Matsue (ANNYONG YUMIKA) and singer/songwriter Kenta Maeno
(sometimes called "the Bob Dylan of Japan") made this amazing concert film:
a single 74 minute take of Kenta performing in the streets of Tokyo before
ripping it up at an outdoor gig with his full band. More than the sum of its
parts, it's a raw and liberating lo-fi miracle.
***Director Tetsuaki Matsuewill be at the screenings.
***Singer/songwriter Kenta Maeno and his drummer POP Suzuki will perform
live after each screening.

MUTANT GIRLS SQUAD (2010, International Premiere) - at last year's NYAFF,
directors Tak Sakaguchi (BE A MAN! SAMURAI SCHOOL), Yoshihiro Nishimura
(TOKYO GORE POLICE) and Noboru Iguchi (ROBOGEISHA) got drunk and vowed to
make a movie together. Now they have, and this twisted take on the X-Men is
here to upset pretty much everyone.
***Directors Yoshihiro Nishimura and Noboru Iguchi will be at the
Presented with Japan Cuts: Festival of New Japanese Film

PINK POWER STRIKES BACK - pink films are the uniquely Japanese genre of 60
minute, softcore movies shot entirely analog: 35mm, flatbed editing, no
digital mixing. This year's pink film double feature will screen GROPER
to last year's fest fave pink film. Totally smutty and completely nuts,
these are date movies for very horny couples.
*** Asami, star of GROPER TRAIN: SCHOOL UNIFORM HUNTER will be the
***Presented as part of Midnights @ IFC

SAWAKO DECIDES (2010, North American Premiere) - Sawako (Hikari Mitsushima,
LOVE EXPOSURE) is on her fifth job, her fifth boyfriend and her fifth year
in Tokyo. But it's not until she returns to her family's clam-packing plant
that she discovers that it's okay to be a loser. Bizarre and hilarious, it's
a chick flick on acid featuring musical numbers, horrible toys and the
world's worst boyfriend.
Presented with Japan Cuts: Festival of New Japanese Film

SYMBOL (2009, New York Premiere) - Japan's #1 comedian, Hitoshi Matsumoto
(director and star of DAI NIPPONJIN, aka BIG MAN JAPAN) directs and stars in
this flick that's the 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY of J-quirk cinema. The only
movie this year to feature President Obama, Mexican wrestlers and five
million angel penises.

YATTERMAN (2009) - Takashi Miike's biggest box office hit of all time, this
slyly hilarious send-up of kiddie show, Yatterman, is like a self-aware,
satirical update of "Scooby-Doo" only with giant robots,
leather-bondage-clad femme fatales and a pile of all the schoolgirls in
Japan. Hilariously stupid, but insanely smart, it's exactly the giant robot
movie you thought Miike would make. We hosted the world premiere last year,
but we're bringing it back so even more people can feel the sweetness.

ACTRESSES (2009, New York Premiere) - six of Korea's biggest actresses play
cockeyed versions of themselves in this real-time chronicle of a Vogue photo
shoot gone wrong. Endlessly self-referential, it speaks the international
language of celebrity and looks like the kind of project Andy Warhol would
have come up with if he edited US Weekly.
***Director E J-Yong (DASEPO NAUGHTY GIRLS) will be at the screenings.

ANIMAL TOWN (2009, North American Premiere) - a savage, sterile art film,
this brutalist nightmare follows an ex-con and the owner of a small business
as the economic crisis, and Korea's bleak urban hellscapes, grind them up
into pulp.

BLADES OF BLOOD (2010, International Premiere) - from the director of KING &
CLOWN comes this massive swordplay flick about a hero leading a coup against
the king and the blind swordsman who sets out to stop him.
***Director Lee Joon-Ik will be present.

CASTAWAY ON THE MOON (2009, New York Premiere) - WHEN HARRY MET SALLY meets
LOST by way of J.G. Ballard. And it's a romantic comedy! A businessman tries
to kill himself and winds up stranded on an island in the middle of the Han
River in downtown Seoul. His only lifeline? An OCD agoraphobe spying on him
from her apartment. Ah, true love.
***Director Lee Hey-Jun will be at the screening.

CHAW (2009, North American Premiere) - a box office hit, this bacon-flavored
version of THE HOST is a send-up of JAWS only with a giant killer pig
instead of a giant killer shark and, probably, a lot more pot got smoked
while the script was being written. More like a movie from Joe Dante than
Steven Spielberg, and that's a good thing.

A LITTLE POND (2010, International Premiere) - the most controversial movie
of the year, this all-star flick about the American massacre of Korean
civillians at No Gun Ri in 1950 is a quiet, underplayed, life-goes-on
account of the bloody incident, that unspools as gently as a Hou Hsiao-hsien

MISE EN SCENE SHORT FILM PROGRAM - two 90 minute programs of short films
from the genre film festival curated by E J-Yong, Park Chan-Wook, Kim
Ji-Woon and Bong Joon-Ho. These short flicks pack more of a punch than many
longer features, and it's your chance to see Korea's future filmmakers
trying their hands at weird little romances, gore and animated films. This
year's line-up has an unhealthy obsession with children and tiny,
four-inch-tall women.

SECRET REUNION (2009) - the director of ROUGH CUT returns with this
two-hander for Song Kang-Ho (THE HOST) and Gang Dong-Won (THE DUELIST)
playing retired spies battling it out long after their missions are over.
It's a throwback to 80's style buddy movies (LETHAL WEAPON, 48 HOURS) set
against the backdrop of the Cold War between North and South Korea.

POWER KIDS (2009) - do you like to see children thrown face-first through
plate glass windows? We do! Johnny Nguyen (THE REBEL) plays a terrorist who
takes over a hospital. The only people who can stop him? A team of tikes
with killer muay thai skills. Like a Hong Kong movie from 1988, it's totally
reckless, the action is breathless and child labor laws are completely
Presented as part of Midnights @ IFC

RAGING PHOENIX (2009, New York Premiere) - Jeeja Yanin, Thailand's only
female action star, burst onto the scene with CHOCOLATE and now she's back
in this flick where she learns how to combine muay thai beatdowns with sick
B-boy moves. Truly jaw-dropping, it's full of high impact kicks, lethal
breakdancing and the discovery that the greatest martial art of all is
"Drunken Muay Thai." Come drunk!

L.A. STREETFIGHTERS (USA, 1985) - a longtime favorite of the Subway Cinema
crew, we finally found a 35mm print of this unseen 80's exploitation movie.
As if Ed Wood directed a Korean-American martial arts film set in totally
tubular L.A. it will shock you, dazzle you and leave you quoting the
immortal dialogue. Bill "Superfoot" Wallace and a host of other exploitation
actors appear in this retro classic that's on a par with last year's HOUSE.
Only instead of being a deconstruction of the haunted house movie, it's a
bizarre, inadvertent takedown of the 80's action film.
Presented as part of Midnights @ IFC

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