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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 05.28.10] Spain trailer news thriller

It’s a nice bonus that this concept trailer for Ivan Noel’s fourth full length feature, a thriller titled Vuelve (Come Back) features a little blood and death but frankly, I didn’t need it. I was hooked from the moment the camera panned up along the gorgeous architecture.

The film, currently in pre-production with casting underway and a vague release date of “later this year”, is billed as “an emotional thriller about a frustrated mother’s love beyond the grave.” A child loses his mother under strange circumstances and rather than stay dead, she tries to communicate with her son from beyond the grave. Noel describes his new project not so much as a horror film but an a film about an "ethical dilemma." It’s definitely an interesting take on the ghost/haunting story.

Thanks to Avery for the find.

Tasty visuals after the break.

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