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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 06.02.10] Canada movie news comedy gallery

Coming from the snowy plains of Winnipeg Canada is a strange little heist comedy called Foodland. From the stills we've gathered it looks like a cross between a coming of ager, a small town heist film and Kids in the Hall. Which is to say it looks distinctly Canadian.

Foodland is written and directed by Adam Smoluk who only has one other film under his belt - another small time crooks number called Horse thieves.

Foodland follows a naïve grocery clerk, Trevor, as his life spirals out of control when he inadvertently helps his inept manger, Ian, rob the store. When the money is lifted off Trevor and Ian, they enlist the help of Glen, a slimy, incompetent detective, to retrieve the stolen cash. But events soon go awry and Trevor must now determine friend from foe, and get the cash back before it’s too late.

Check out the stills after the break... and no that's not Elisha Cuthbert in the last image (though it looks an awful lot like her).

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sophie (12 years ago) Reply

no its not elisha cuthbert its kim poirier and shes a great actress they do look slightly similar


rek (12 years ago) Reply

Kim Poirier used to be a host on the Space channel, Canada's science fiction/horror cable channel.


aurelle (12 years ago) Reply

James Clayton is the big screen's next big star.I've seen alot of his work and he is remarkable with originality.Not the run of the mill line delivery actors that unfortunately have flooded the screen with less than captivating performances.Nice to see raw talent for a change.

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