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quietearth [Celluloid 06.07.10] United Kingdom post apocalyptic zombies movie trailer news horror

Don't let the crappy poster deter you from watching the trailer for this excellent looking low budget flick, complete with fast zombies, smoking buildings, and people running with bats.. because, you know they don't have guns in the UK, haha! In case of zombie emergency come to my neighborhood, we'd have that sh*t on lock. We'd be drinking beer and squishing heads like the redneck scene in Dawn of the Dead. Yeah, I sleep with my ... No, I ain't tellin you what I got.

Dan wakes up on a beach with no memory. He discovers an evacuated city ravaged by a deadly virus, completely deserted apart from a small group of survivors who give him shelter. It soon becomes clear that the army are trying to hunt him down and his new friends are now in danger. Forced to evacuate the safety of their home they embark on a extremely dangerous journey to escape the city.

Trailer after the break. Special thanks to the Avery Mining Corp.

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Matov (12 years ago) Reply

We might not have guns but we do have a rather wicked sense of humour :)

Film looks great. Nothing but admiration for the Zombine fan community. They put out some great stuff.


donc48 (12 years ago) Reply

This a UK flick so I can forgive the lack of guns, nice looking cast. I’m curious I’m directing this to our legion of Zombie Experts out in the wastelands why is it nobody over the age of 25 ever survives the Zombie apocalypse?


TommyBoy (12 years ago) Reply

Looks like well done low budget. I'll see that no matter what! No, but seriously, looks good.


bad dog (12 years ago) Reply

Strange that only cute young people with time to apply makeup and style their hair during the apocalypse will have the necessary skills to survive it, I guess I'm a goner. That being said, I'd like to see it.


Matov (12 years ago) Reply

I guess that in a 'Rager' Zombie outbreak there would be a larger percentage of under 25's surviving because they are, on the whole, fitter.

Rule number 1. 'Cardio'.

As to the good looking bit, well lets be honest here. Nobody likes looking at ugly people.


Clifton Santiago (12 years ago) Reply

Very cool. Looks like the story of a different group of people surviving during the same event that started "28 Days Later" :)

But seriously, I'm 40, I live in London, and I'm more fit than any of these tossers. And better looking. I should star in my own 28 days later survival flick...


Michael (12 years ago) Reply

Young, bland-looking actors strike again. The masked soldiers were more interesting than the unconvincing actors. Did the director cast his friends?


GET TO DA CHOPPAAAAAA (12 years ago) Reply

looks good, but the music for the trailer totally sucked. the music is more appropriate for a...wait for it...jason bourne movie.


Zombob (12 years ago) Reply

Looks good!!

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