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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 06.09.10] news short scifi horror

The idea of humans cloning themselves for spare/replacement parts raises a few moral quandaries but if you can buy into the idea with the moralities aside, you’re pretty much home free. Or at least that’s the thought. The Island, Michael Bay’s action extravaganza with a few big ideas, took this story and developed it from the perspective of the clones who figure out what’s going on. Alex Nakone’s short film Mr. Morag's Helical Dreams, looks at it from the perspective of the original, the human receiving the replacement parts.

Dr. Bernard Aldous, the founder of the New Millennium Medical Centre, takes us through the events that unfold immediately after Morag receives a kidney donated to him by his clone. It’s actually pretty bland (though well shot), Morag essentially lies in a stretcher being monitored by doctors and nurses to make sure his body isn’t rejecting the kidney. What is interesting and what makes Nakone’s film stand out, is Morag’s inner struggle, a struggle which manifests in some strange, creepy dreams (the blood rain sequence is particularly awesome).

Check out the short film after the break.

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invoked ledgedarea (11 years ago) Reply

Doctor: "How bad is it?"
Nurse: "The patient's condition?"
Doctor: "No. The acting."
Nurse: "Bad"


The Edge (11 years ago) Reply

I thought this little film packed a wallop. Also fantastic music, especially the final piece. It really rocked.

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