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quietearth [Celluloid 06.21.10] United Kingdom movie news drama documentary

While I'm guessing this won't be the first time it's done, it's the first to my knowledge and as we've pushed the limits on everything else, it was bound to happen sooner or later, What is it? A stalk documentary which is then followed with 4 different home invasions which end in executions. It's currently in development and I for one can't wait to see it.

Who wants to go creepy crawling?

45 minutes stalker documentary, followed by 45 minutes unflinching home-invasion footage culminating in 4 real-time executions. 'London' will be constructed entirely from POV footage shot by an [always] unseen and unheard perpetrator.

Beginning as a broad portrait of contemporary London, the film will gradually narrow its focus to concentrate on 4 individuals - diverse in their age, ethnicity and wealth - who will be obsessively pursued and then savagely murdered in their own homes. Victims may include a senior citizen, a gregarious professional, a single mother and 7-year-old child, and a healthy, physically imposing young policeman.

The film will be constructed from fascinating vignettes about the chosen victims as well as the wider citizens of London. Examples will include; commuters on the underground, friends socializing in pubs, mother and child at the school gates, the senior citizen dining alone, tourists enjoying the city and drunken arguments in kebab shops. Some moments will be sad, some comic, some banal, some harrowing - but all will be incontestably real.

The purpose of these scenes is to establish a realistic mise en scène, which will heighten the impact of the climatic murders, and help intensify the thrills that are essential to genre cinema. Excitement and tension will be further amplified by the inclusion of adrenalin-inducing sequences that indulge the possibility of escape, however futile.

More as it comes!

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Anonymous (12 years ago) Reply

Finally! A film from London worth getting excited about. I hope this'll be more than just torture porn.


loci (12 years ago) Reply

"drunken arguments in kebab shops"
"a healthy,physically imposing young policeman"
"a gregarious professional"

Synopsis written by a newly released film school twat, I think.
Hilariously bad.


Rob (12 years ago) Reply

Any detail on the names or companies behind this one? I want to make fun of it more directly and would prefer to actually highlight the idiots behind this ridiculous shite.

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