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quietearth [Celluloid 06.24.10] movie trailer news comedy thriller fantasy noir

Yes, another adaptation of Alice in Wonderland, but this one is going a different direction, the indie grindhouse side and it's looking mighty fine. We posted the first couple of trailers awhile back, and now there's a theatrical trailer. It'll be playing in Hawaii soon, and while I can't be there I'll be lucky enough to get a screener. Can't wait!

The once beloved city of BOCENO, known for it's Persian Mafia and it's drug epidemic is under the microscope of it's couterpart city BELCAPO.

After all Belcapo citzens including the press are requested to leave the city for their own saftey. One reporter stands above them all, ECiLA. The headliner of her story is an oldman on the pink moped(the hunted rabbit), believed to be the runner of the drug "LOVE" and collector of MR. G's(Leader of the Persian crime family) debts in the city. ECiLA finds herself meeting a "wonderland" of characters though her journey. Will ECiLA get the story that no other reporter has the courage to??? Watch it and find out.

Trailer after the break.

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