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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 06.30.10] Canada review trailer news short comedy

I have to admit that I wasn’t quite sure what to make of the trailer for Kody Zimmermann’s short film The Familiar. Sure, it looked good and had a fair bit of comedy but with everyone and their mother trying to cash in on the vampire craze, trailers can be deceiving but I was definitely intrigued.

This is one of those instances when the trailer doesn’t disappoint. Written and directed by Zimmermann, The Familiar is the story of Sam, a guy obsessed with vampires. He’s recruited for a job as a familiar to Simon, a centuries old vampire, a job which basically has him doing the work of a personal assistant. He hates it but stays on, bidding his time until Simon turns him because that’s what he wants: to be one of the undead. After a run in with a vampire slayer, Sam’s world is turned upside down and he takes some drastic measures to change his unhappy career path.

Zimmermann’s short is a great product of post Buffy vampire comedy. It’s sharp, witty and at times down right hysterical. Though some of the acting by the supporting cast leaves a little to be desired, the leads are stellar and though Paul Hubbard as Simon initially comes across as a caricature, it’s clear pretty quickly that this production isn’t taking itself too seriously (the voice over alone is enough indication of that). In the film’s 22 minute running time we get more entertainment value than some movies cram into 90. Yes, this one’s a winner.

The Familiar is currently making the rounds through various film festivals including Action on Film and Retrofantasma among others. If it comes your way, I recommend you check it out because this one’s a keeper. Can’t wait to see what Zimmermann has to offer up next!

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