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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 07.06.10] movie trailer news scifi horror action

One movie comes to mind as I watch this trailer for Benny Chan's new mutants-on-a-crime-spree flick, City Under Siege. Dead Heat. No, this film isn't a buddy movie about a cop who becomes a zombie, but there are mutants that rob banks and that's all it took to make me want to revisit one of my all time favorite 80s make-up heavy horror comedies.

Sunny, an ordinary clown in a local circus, by chance is turned to a mutant with extraordinary power in an accident. He decides to declare a battle for goodwill of the City with a troupe of circus performers who embark on a crime spree after they acquire superhuman skill in the same accident.

City Under Siege is will be released in China on August 12.

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