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Christopher Webster [Film Festival 07.13.10] movie review scifi

Year: 2010
IMDB: link
Trailer: link
Review by: agentorange
Rating: 3.5 out of 10

Future X-Cops is bad. So bad it's good? No. Well, maybe if you like dorky sh!t like Shark Boy and Lava Girl, or secretly watch old Power Rangers episodes you taped on VHS when nobody's around. Okay, maybe that's unfair. Future X-Cops is maybe just a notch above Power Rangers. Maybe. Just. The fight scenes are at least joyously over-the-top. Just not in that good Yatterman way. No, this is more like Knights, but at least Pyun has the 80s to blame.

Bottom line: If oversize cyborg prosthetics are your game, or you just like crappy humour and even crappier CGI, then look no further than Future X-Cops.

Still want more? Continue on at own risk...

Future X-Cops stars the fantastic Andy Lau (Three Kingdoms, House of Flying Daggers) as a box office draw... er, I mean a cyborg cop from the future who travels back in time to save a scientist from a band of evil cyborg assassins who are trying to kill some scientist before he can help mankind. Man, this sounds more like a Pyun film with every word doesn't it? Anyway, Andy can't change the past which means he can't run into his dead wife and try to save her from her tragic fate. Queue campy Back to the Future wannabe movie mixed with scifi action adventure for dimwits.

Future X-Cops can't decide if it's Terminator or Back to the Future and that's a problem. The tone is as all over the place as the story which makes it annoying to contend with. I don't watch tons of Asian films, but I know enough to know this isn't the norm overseas. I think the movie's just a mess.

As I mentioned above, the action beats are childish, but fun and decently choreographed. The cyborg assassins are probably the coolest thing about the film. They all have crazy weapons grafted right into them. and they have super-human strength and what not. Lots of flips and high kicks as you can image. Like me though, you'll find yourself wishing the CGI was a little better and you didn't secretly want all the main characters to get their grins knocked off their faces.

All in all this one missed the mark.

On to the next film!

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vesleted (10 years ago) Reply

Yes, it's bad.


loempiavreter (10 years ago) Reply

Wow that's a low blow to fans of toku series...
The sentai series/Power Ranger series isn't exactly the high point of the genre, but stuff like Metalder, Guyferd & Garo...


agentorange (10 years ago) Reply

My statement against Sentai is sweeping I grant you. Some of the stuff is definitely fun and I can understand the appeal. Future X-Cops is not bad because of it's style, but bad for its content.

Please don't take offense, because none was intended :)

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