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quietearth [Celluloid 07.13.10] Germany movie trailer news horror action mystery

I just found out about this today but apparently it's been around for a couple of years, presumably in post, and has been under the radar. In fact, I think this is the first major attention it'll be getting, and while the acting and some of the DP work isn't that great, the whole concept and the zombies look great.

Any Germans who can find us a translated synopsis?

Trailer after the break.

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KalVerd (10 years ago) Reply

Man that looks sooooo bad lol. And that was really funny near the end during the shootout when the women near got blown off her feet when she fired that shotgun lol.


Finriz (10 years ago) Reply

That is the lamest shit I have ever seen.


Ben (10 years ago) Reply

Haha, I love the reference to Germany by the "Stihl"-chainsaw in the end!


Kamilos (10 years ago) Reply

nice, I want see it :)

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