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quietearth [Celluloid 07.19.10] Spain movie trailer news drama

We reported on the directorial debut of renowned DP Xavi Giménez from Filmax back in May and now we have an incredible looking trailer for it. This looks really, really good.

Luis is the single father of sixteen year old Fran. Father and son are both going through a rough patch. In a desperate attempt to salvage their relationship Luis has taken a dramatic decision: to enroll his son in an “education” center.

Although Luis believes he is doing the right thing, the truth is he doesn’t know everything he should about the school’s methodology. Outraged by his father’s betrayal, Fran will do his best to show everyone at the school that he is not about to give in. But the school’s specialty is precisely to fight that kind of behavior.

Outside, Luis can’t help but wondering if he’s done the right thing; inside, Fran is going through a Guantanamo-like experience. Father and son have never been further apart.

Trailer after the break. Can someone translate?

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Marina (12 years ago) Reply

Looks good - the music is at odds with the trailer in that it's pretty upbeat and light and the trailer really isn't - interesting juxtaposition.

Particularly love the last bit: "You have to look on the internet because it holds all of the answers!"


Elmtree (12 years ago) Reply

translation: "body cult! respect for the soul!" / "We are not in a college nor in a orphan facility. We are specialists in behaviour modification/manipulation" / "Listen to me when I am talking to you!" "Shut up, shut up" / "Wow, that girl Vicky is really hot" / "Yeah, lately I feel very horny" / ""You have to look at it on the internet because it holds all of the answers!"


Emerith (12 years ago) Reply


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