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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 07.22.10] movie trailer news thriller

So how do you sell a movie to the public that features a dude in a box, 6 feet under and little more?

You start with some cool concept art and then move on to sharing some wickedly great clips but for the masses that need more, you give them a trailer that gives you even less visuals than any of the previous material we’ve seen to date.

If, like me, you like your movies a little off the grid, you were probably into Buried from the get go but for the others, you give them a spiffy trailer, like this new one, with cool animation, the entire plot of the film rattled off in snippets by the lead Ryan Reynolds, and just a few dark images to go with it. Guess creativity isn’t completely dead and though this isn't exactly awesome, it still reeks of better than average thriller. I hope.

New trailer after the break.

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Anonymous (10 years ago) Reply

Even without visuals, the dialogue gives way too much away. They got it half right I guess.

Still, it's good to see a new kind of trailer. And yes, I'm very jazzed about this flick.


the accompany (10 years ago) Reply

Reminds me of that CSI episode where Stokes is buried alive.

Liked the trailer style but wasn't convinced by the voice acting.

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