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quietearth [Celluloid 08.02.10] Germany post apocalyptic movie news thriller gallery

We now have more info on that German PA flick formerly known as 2016: Das Ende der Welt including a name change. The film is directed by first time feature length filmmaker Tim Fehlbaum. I'm really digging the drought feel on this one.

Guess who the execute producer is? Really, you'll never guess. It's ROLAND EMMERICH. I don't find that a deterrent because it's a foreign film.

It is in the near future. The World, as we know it no longer exists. For the past four years the sun has been shining with an immense strength, creating unbearable heat and splitting the earth into two pieces: one with raging water storms, the other a dried up land with dying plants. Both unbearable for the human race. Due to famine the majority of the population has become extinct; the few survivors are living off horded food supplies. The cities are being raided and plundered. For those who still have food and drink, it is a struggle for survival. For some time now there have been rumors that the situation is improving in the mountains: apparently there is rain.

Marie (Hannah Herzsprung) and her sister Leonie (Lisa Vicari) attempt, with the help of Phillip (Lars Eidinger) and his rickety estate wagon, a journey into the mountains. The deal is simple: Marie shares a bed with Phillip and in exchange he shares his food supplies and keeps them safe. Far from their destination – without any gas left and a striking engine – they reach a desolate gas station. Whilst searching for fuel residues and something edible, they are caught off guard by a starved guy, who takes Leonie hostage and tries to black-mail them into handing their food supplies over. Phillip manages to defeat him. Once he learns that the guy, Tom (Stipe Erceg), can help them obtain gas and repair their car, Philip decides to take him along on their journey – the girls are reluctant.

It turns out that the log blocking their way was placed there on purpose by obscure figures in order to steal their car containing the food supplies and Leonie. In the aftermath it turns out that Tom is a much more reliable companion than Philip. During a rescue attempt he too is caught by the ruthless figures. Slowly Marie begins to realize that the thieves were not solely interested in their supplies but also in them. If she wants to see Leonie alive, she has to overcome her fear and –without Phillips help – fight the heat and the kidnappers.

A challenge that will take her places she could have never dreamt of....

Embiggened version of still after the break.

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accu opened (11 years ago) Reply

Umm... wow... no spoilers in that synopsis or anything. At least I'll probably have forgotten everything I've just read by the time it releases.


GET TO DA CHOPPAAAAAA (11 years ago) Reply

yeah, seriously...whenever you guys post supposed synopses, can you resist from summarizing all but probably the last 20 mins of the film? common!


donc48 (11 years ago) Reply

Reminds me of a Devo Video


John (11 years ago) Reply

plaid hipsterims survives apocalypse, movie at 2300H.


ce lowe (11 years ago) Reply

Sounds a helluva lot like The Burning world by J.G. Ballard where the world is scorched by the sun and almost no life remains but there is a rumor of water in the east. I like roland emerichs visions of doomsday so i am hopeful. I hope when we recieve the international release they dont dub the F%$#ing thing. Hale the end of us all.

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