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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 08.04.10] movie trailer news scifi cult dystopic gallery

And I'm pretty sure that's "synthsized" as in synthesizers a la Daft Punk, not synthetics. Or is it a double entendre? Only time will tell with Bad Pixels, a new indie scifi feature currently in-production that seems to have a real joie-de-vie going for it. Kind of reminds me of those weird 80s no-genre music scene scifi films like Liquid Sky. Based on the behind the scenes pics we have for you, it also appears to have a lot of green screen work too.

Here's what it's about:
In a subterranean dystopian future, an ultra-conservative dictator has eradicated gender equality and made life miserable for anyone unlucky enough to be female. When an oppressed teenage girl discovers her homemade synthesizer has the power to emasculate men and pleasure women, she forms an electro-duo dubbed Bad Pixels, and sets out to restore equality via auditory bliss.

Bad Pixels is written by Alex Bowser, Lucy Caputi and directed by Alex Bowser. It stars Cassondra Justo, Katarina Waters, Lucy Caputi, Nicole Thomas, Daniel Harris, Alex Mrazek, Daryn Kahn.

Take a hit and party after the break where there's a gallery and a mood promo for the flick (which incidently contains no actual footage from the finished product.

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xlif (11 years ago) Reply

looks like a pink parody


Leslie Siegel (11 years ago) Reply

Leslie Siegel is very proud of her niece Lucy Caputi for writing BAD PIXELS, a sci fi adventure. Lucy Caputi gets her writing skills from our side of the family because Lucy Caputi's Aunt Leslie Siegel is a blogger queen writer artist and celebrity ghost hunter as well as a video webmaster. Lucy Caputi is going to go very far in her career!

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