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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 08.10.10] United Kingdom movie trailer news horror

I was trying to figure out where I’d seen Colm McCarthy’s name in the past and looking through his filmography, I have to assume it was from an episode of “The Tudors,” the only think I’ve seen from McCarthy. This is definitely a change of pace from the soap opera of Henry VIII.

We already have two reviews of McCarthy’s Outcast (SXSW review and EIFF review) but this is the first bit of footage we’ve seen of the production and between this and the reviews, it looks like one with a lot of promise.

A horror thriller, the film focuses on both an off beat romance that occurs between a young man who moves into Edinburgh council estate and falls for a local girl and the story of two men who enlist the help of a warlock to track down a creature that is murdering people on the estate. My guess is that the two stories collide somewhere in the middle.

It’s a spooky trailer, full of great mood and visuals that suggest a solid thriller.

Trailer after the break.

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