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quietearth [Celluloid 08.11.10] news short scifi

[Updated with directors statement, plot info and poster]

Sorry for the lack of updates as I'm ill (and I do mean that in both ways) but I just got this in my email and had to share. Thanks to the QE team for keeping things running while I miss out.

And a statement from director Slavik Anishchenko:
Synthetic World is a Philips Parallel Lines contest entry. The rules are simple, under 3 minutes and must use pre-written dialogue in a very strict order.

My concept is a very realistic idea about the natural change in human evolution. The story takes place in the year 2213 on planet Earth, where the world is united as one, with countries acting as Republics of the planet. The idea is not for robots or machines to take over, but for us to evolve with the help of technology into more machine like beings. We would still retain a lot of characteristics, but get rid all of the flaws and imperfections. Bodies that are immune to diseases, a complex communication system between synthetic humans and everything around them and of course a much longer life span. The main theme of the film is, when we become perfect and all march to the same beat into the future of survival, what is the most important object on earth? What does is mean to be human, how do we define humanity.

These questions will be coming up in the future due to the constant push of technology and advancement in our lifestyles. My goal for the viewer is to not only think about the dark future highway in front of us, but also to look back and to see where exactly we came from, what is separating us from all other life. I feel that the film is abstract, because it is 3 minute piece about a very grand idea and a lot of the things in the film are tightly squeezed in. I do think that the more time you give this film, the more time you watch it and think about it, the more ideas and concepts the film will give back to you. The film was shot in two days in downtown Los Angeles, I had a fantastic crew and some very good friends who helped with visual effects. I will be making a Director's cut that is a bit longer and explains characters a bit better, also a website is coming soon as well.It will dig into the details of the Universe in the year 2213. I hope you enjoy the Film!!!

Full short after the break.

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