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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 08.13.10] post apocalyptic movie news animation

UPDATE: Apparently this is dead due to a cease and desist from the rights holders, Pacificor, although there's some possibility they could meet and work out a deal. Anyways, this sucks, I want to see an expansion of the Terminator universe if done right considering the butchery they've already allowed.

Yup. According to Coming Soon, Hannover House, the entertainment distribution division of Target Development Group, Inc., has entered into a development venture with Vancouver's Red Bear Entertainment, for "Terminator 3000," a project envisioned as a $70 million 3D animated feature film "based on the characters and situations introduced in the original Terminator feature."

That's all we really know right now. No story details have really been revealed, but Hannover House and Red Bear Entertainment will release details of the production (ie. timing, financing and principal personnel) later this year, in advance of a proposed January, 2011 start.


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soundnfury (12 years ago) Reply

"Story details for Terminator 3000 are being kept under close wraps, but the writers and production team have a stated goal of minimizing violence in order to obtain a PG-13 level of material." (

Robocop: The Series, anyone?

And that's assuming anything even materializes out from this misbegotten idea. There's a (legal) storm coming, it seems.


uncleB (12 years ago) Reply

word is this aint happening ( maybe?). just like bad dog will never get laid. just aint happening


bad dog (12 years ago) Reply

Wow, I've got my very own stalker.

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