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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 08.19.10] United Kingdom movie trailer news thriller

An unfinished film by a master director. A young director convinced he can finish it. This already sounds like a promising story but Nitrate only gets better from here.

Written and directed by Guy Ducker and Gavin Boyter, the film is currently in development so it may still be years away but it’s one that looks and sounds promising. Here’s the official synopsis:

Hotshot young filmmaker George Lewis sets about reconstructing the unfinished final masterpiece of a maverick director murdered back in 1960. As George struggles with an impossible mountain of footage, he and his producer Emily investigate the dark mystery surrounding the director’s murder. A tale of obsession, old lies and history repeating itself.

That alone sounds good but the trailer they’ve put together to raise funding for the film is the clincher, promising murder, mystery and intrigue all rolled into a pseudo-documentary. There are two cuts of the trailer, the shorter being the best of the two but either one is more than enough to convince me that this is a film that needs to get funding.

Thanks to the Avery Mining Corp. for the heads up on the trailer.

Trailers after the break.

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