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quietearth [Celluloid 08.25.10] zombies movie news horror comedy

I get the feeling this one might ride the coming(?!) success of Machete with a tagline like "Zombies beware! Here comes one bad-ass Mexican!" Written and directed by Joe Gomez whose making his foray into film making from working in mold shops for some major productions (including Tron Legacy) El Brazo is slated for 2013 and it's still in the script stages but I couldn't pass up on reporting on it. Tagged as a "B" movie, this one sounds mighty fine.

Here's a brief logline:
"El Brazo and Chango have to rescue a Generals Daughter during a mass zombie invasion in exchange for their freedom."

And here's an in depth rundown, including riding a nuke Dr. Zhivago style:
Two mutant bikers, El Brazo and his trusty side kick El Chango pull into a diner to grab a bite to eat. While inside, reports of strange killings are happening around the city. Meanwhile, a car accident occurs across the street. A young female is trapped inside of the burning vehicle. Inside El Brazo and Chango are discussing their road trip, when Chango with his keen hearing, hears the commotion from outside and tells El Brazo someone is in danger. While bystanders are trying to free her from the impending doom, El Brazo using his massive arm, rips the door out, saving the girl before the car explodes. Paramedics and police show up at the scene. The two heroes are greeted by a crowd of hungry zombies coming down the street. Chaos ensues and the two hole up in the diner with a young server named Ashley. Now they must fight to stay alive. The three steal a car and make their way out of the city.

There's more after the break if you want spoilers.


The three arrive at a military check point. The city is under military quarantine and they are told to go back. A fight ensues and they get arrested. The Generals aide takes them to meet General Gonzales. The General makes them an offer they can not refuse. Save his daughter Raine whose trapped in that city and get their freedom. They have a 24 hour deadline after which the city gets nuked, so the two agree. El Brazo and Chango get flown into the city and dropped off on the roof of a college building where Raine is located. Meanwhile, back at Army headquarters, the General gets arrested by a Lt. Col Dekker. Back with El Brazo, they locate some survivors who are held up in the building across from their extraction point. El Brazo and Chango make it to the front of the building only to find out it's infested with too many zombies and retreat back to the roof and the extraction team is gone. The two heroes take on the zombies.

Lt. Col. Dekker has put out an alert to abort the mission. Just when things are getting worse with the zombie infestation, the second extraction team heads back to pick up the two heroes. When they arrive chaos is everywhere. Our two heroes climb aboard but the helicopter gets overtaken by the zombies and everyone dies. Except our two heroes of course. The two manage to kill all the zombies and blow up the entrances to the roof. Stuck, they have to make it across to the other building. El Brazo ties a rope around Chango's waist and throws him to the other building. After a slight mishap on El Brazo's part, Chango climbs to safety and Chango finds Raine. Help is on the way as Ashley has taken a pilot hostage they fly back to rescue the group. After the rescue and are back at military headquarters they find out Raine has been bitten. A gun fight ensues, Dekker is shot, and the General is freed. Raine is taken to the med unit. The General shoots Raine ending her suffering he lets the three go. Col. Dekker comes back to life and starts killing soldiers, launching the nuke which El Brazo jumps on as it takes flight and Chango shoots Dekker in the head, finally killing him. In flight, El Brazo disables the missile and sends it out to sea. He then deploys the parachute system saving his life. He lands on the beach and the nuke explodes over the distant sea. While on the beach, a zombie approaches from behind. El Brazo rapidly spins around and uses his massive right arm and punches the zombies which explodes into a thousand bloody pieces.

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uncleB (10 years ago) Reply

you got to be f**king kidding me!
"launching the nuke which El Brazo jumps on as it takes flight " i got to f'n see this


Anonymous (10 years ago) Reply

whats with th boardgame "Mall of Horror" art work being used for thier poster?


Marvel Fan dude (10 years ago) Reply

You got two Mexican Super Hero's kicking Zombie Ass! Bring it on! love it. Cant wait to see this.


Damian Fisher (10 years ago) Reply

Wait till this one socks you in the face. An all out Zombie brawl with the strong arm of the land El Brazo Grande.

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