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quietearth [Celluloid 08.25.10] Australia movie news thriller drama

While the synopsis may sound quite weak, we all know that the new wave of film which has been coming out of Australia the last few years is nothing but brilliant. And now, Kieran Darcy-Smith, who has parts in Animal Kingdom among other films, will be directing his first feature length film which will start shooting this September.

Four friends lose themselves in a carefree South-East Asian holiday. Only three come back. Dave and Alice return home to their young family desperate for answers about Jeremy’s mysterious disappearance. When Alice’s sister Steph returns not long after, a nasty secret is revealed about the night her boyfriend went missing. But it is only the first of many. Who amongst them knows what happened on that fateful night when they were dancing under a full moon in Cambodia?

That's all we've got for now, but hot damn, Australia is killing it!

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Anonymous (10 years ago) Reply

Are you serious? All that exists is a synopsis that you say sounds "quite weak" and then you follow that up witha "hot damn, Australia is killing it"? Killing it with weak things that don't actually exist yet?

I wish I could say I was surprised but for the love of god, MOST OF WHAT YOU WRITE ABOUT DOESN'T EXIST. Concept art is not a movie. It's a drawing. And when you deal with concept art for low budget indies the majority of what you're spending your time on will NEVER exist and the majority of what does will not be any good.

Good lord ... stop hyping stuff that doesn't exist from people who have no money to do it write and no experience on anything meaningful.

Go back over your archives for the last couple years and see how many of the things you wrote were AWESOME!!! and KILLING IT!!! and INCREDIBLE!!! actually exist now and how many of those that do you'd actually be proud to have your name associated with. I'll bet it's a small number.

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