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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 08.26.10] Denmark movie trailer news drama

There isn’t a month that goes by that I don’t silently send thanks to having gone to high school before cellphones were the hip thing. If it was hard being an awkward teenager before, it’s undoubtedly more difficult now when your awkwardness can be instantly uploaded online for everyone to see.

That doesn’t seem to be exactly what happens in Kaspar Munk’s feature film debut Hold Me Tight (Hold om mig) but it’s darn close. Written by Jannik Tai Mosholt who was also responsible for the Danish horror film Room 205 (review) (currently in Sam Raimi’s remake pile), it’s the story of four teens and an event that arises from a misunderstanding and is caught by cellphone video.

My language skills aren’t enough to discern what’s going on in this trailer and the video clues are tantalizingly vague but it certainly looks promising. Add in the official verbage which glosses over the main points without delving into the details of what’s to come and my curiosity is peaked. The official synopsis reads:

A film about peer pressure and taking responsibility for one's own life. The story revolves around Sara, Mikkel, Hassan and Louise, four teenagers, who are searching for their own identity and an anchor in their lives. One ill-fated day in the classroom a misunderstanding is thrown out of proportion and creates a wave of chaos. Suddenly they are the guilty ones and the victims of a game that has got out of hand.

Trailer after the break.

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