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Being a huge Planet of the Apes fan (minus that horrendous Burton version), I'm happy to say this origin story, which we haven't covered yet, sounds pretty damn good. While we have a synopsis for Caesar which is currently shooting in San Francisco, our friends over at Impossible Funky got their hands on the script and did a review. Unfortunately they had to yank it, but we've still got some details and spoilers for you.

Question is, what will director and co-writer Rupert Wyatt do with this? I have not seen The Escapist and I know nothing about him. Anyone care to comment?

Here's the synopsis:
An origin story set in present day San Francisco, where man's own experiments with genetic engineering lead to the development of intelligence in apes and the onset of a war for supremacy.

We have a couple of set shots courtesy of io9 along with the spoilers after the break. The film drops June 24th, 2011.

Read at your own peril:
Dr. Will Rodman works to improve the brain functions of chimpanzees with hopes of curing his father of Alzheimer's.... When a turn of events leads to the apes going... well... apeshit, Will's program gets scrapped and all of the apes euthanized with the exception of a second generation chimp, the titular Caesar. He's raised by Will and his father (who gets a good dose of drugs that cures him of his Alzheimer's). Meanwhile, Will goes back to the drawing board at work, trying a new compound on mice. Things start to fall apart when the drugs lose their potency -- the mice start forgetting how to run their mazes as Will's father begins to lose his marbles again. When he's nearly hit by a car while wandering through his neighborhood, Caesar springs into action. His defense of Will's father goes too far and he ends up in an animal sanctuary along with a few more chimps, a trio of orangutans, and a gorilla.

While Caesar learns the intricacies of social interaction amongst apes, Will strikes up a relationship with Caesar's vet, Dr. Stewart... Back at Will's lab, a new batch of chimps has been brought in. A new compound makes the chimps highly intelligent, especially one sinister simian, but has one tricky side-effect. It kills any human unlucky to come into contact with it and spreads like the flu, especially after a carrier takes an international flight (Cough-Twelve Monkeys-cough).

Caesar unites the apes, locks up his keepers, and learns to speak. The apes make their way across San Francisco, releasing the chimps from the lab and at the city zoo. When he sees that another ape that bit him has started to get smarter he deduces that his blood is the key. In a scene that should be shot like The Last Supper, Caesar shares his blood amongst the apes.

They're pursued across the Golden Gate bridge, escaping into the woods. The power dynamics amongst the apes as well as the impending doom of the human race leave the film wide open for the next chapter."
Thanks Earth's Mightiest.

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skridlow (10 years ago) Reply

sorry...I just cant keep a straight face while reading amazes me that this franchise is STILL making money....the first POTA's was thought provoking...the rest were cartoons, or should have been...oh well, I guess P.T. Barnum was right after all...


Lenny (10 years ago) Reply

The Escapist was pretty good. Worth keeping an eye on although not the hugest Apes fan here...

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