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What the ...? Heat Vision is reporting that Warner Brothers TV is in the middle of acquiring rights from sister company DC entertainment to turn Sandman into a tv show. They're in talks with several writers and producers, one of which is Eric Kripke, the guy behind Supernatural. Word is also that there were previous talks with HBO, the only folks who might be able to do a boob tube version justice. Unfortunately, that fell through.

Gaiman is reportedly not involved with the project, and honestly, I can only see this turning sour. What a shame. Keep your dirty paws off!

Then again, there were a few people who liked Boondock Saints 2, so someone will watch it. Hah!

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Anonymous (10 years ago) Reply

Why do i see this going the way of The Crow:Stairway to Heaven.... man i hated that show....


Brett (10 years ago) Reply

If HBO doesn't do it, then the only two networks I can see making it work are Starz and AMC. Anybody else makes me think this could possibly be the worst desecration of an artwork the world has ever see.

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