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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 09.02.10] movie news scifi

Now, before you write this off as another great sounding scifi flick that will more than likely not see the light of day, know that Rise of Exile is quickly signing a pretty cool cast including LOST's Naveen Andrews and Lara Croft model Alison Carroll. Also, former CBS News producer Jennifer Niejadlik just signed on as an actress and co-producer for a planned trilogy. Now, onto what it's actually about - which sounds rad.

In the 23rd Century AD, a brief war is waged between an excommunicated geneticist and a world-spanning, sentient computer system of his own design. He creates a genetically-engineered race of humans to fight in his failed attempt, and upon his defeat his creations are hunted down and virtually eliminated. This gives rise to their common name, "Exiles."

One unborn Exile, however, is saved by one of her own and raised in secret. The Exile, Jae Benedict, grows up hiding in a world that wants to destroy her. Never knowing the truth of her people's history, she lives in isolation until remnants of the original Exiles come to recruit her for an impending war. Though reluctant to fight against her own race or her adopted one, Jae soon finds her participation in the conflict is inevitable.

The first flick will be directed by Jayant R. Harnam (Life is Art) and stars Alison Carroll, Claudia Christian, James Holloway, Fann Wong, Naveen Andrews, Natasha Alam.

News via Live For Films.

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