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quietearth [Film Festival 09.04.10] Spain movie trailer news horror thriller

As a few new films were just announced for Sitges today, I could only find the trailer for this one which sounds quite interesting, although I've been waiting for footage for Carne de Neón (Neon Flesh) for some time now. Filmax, the folks behind [Rec], are behind this second feature from director Miguel Ángel Vivas.

What this synopsis leaves out is that the family fights back, violently.

Jaime, Marta and their daughter Isa have just moved into a luxurious new house. Marta begins to prepare the dinner and puts a bottle of champagne on ice to celebrate the move. As night falls, three hooded men violently force their way into the house. Panic ensues and soon the real violence will begin.

Trailer after the break, and yes, it has English subs!

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