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quietearth [Film Festival 09.07.10] movie news

Lund is back yet again. Running from September 3rd to October 2nd in Lund Sweden and covers genre film from all over the world. We'll be covering the fest, so you may ask, what am I looking forward to?

Post apocalyptic zombies in Rammbock.
Simon Rumley's Red White & Blue.
More post apocalyptic zombies in Greek sequel To Kako II: Evil in the Time of Heroes.
Consciousness Transfer.

What would I recommend that I've already seen?
Ivan Engler's Swedish scifi flick Cargo.
Cyberpunk animation Technotise.
Irish after-beating study Savage.
Neil Marshall's Centurion.

And there's plenty more. You can check out the full list after the break and buy tickets at the official website.

International Competition

Scott Pilgrim vs The World: An utterly brilliant and incredibly entertaining comic book adaptation from Edgar Wright(Shaun of The Dead)

The Loved Ones: It's the prom night from hell in this; one of the festivals most colourful and brilliantly written films! rarely has a high school film been this brutal, a torture-horror this humane and or a study in grief been this exciting!

The Illusionist: An animated gem from Sylvain Chomet who gave us The Trio from Belleville. Based on a Jacques Tatí script.

Technotise: With its mix of science fiction, social commentary and Serbian humour, Technotise: Edit & I could well be called a Serbian AKIRA!

Embargo: The film is based on a short story with the same title by Nobel prize winner José Saramago, who has also written Baltasar and Blimunda and Blindness. António Ferreira has created a fabulous portugese pearl that feels warm, comical and comfortably peculiar.

Melies Competition

The Extraordinary Adventures of Adele Blanc-Sec: Luc Bessons wonderful adventurefilm, also based on a comic book.

Vampires: Brilliant fakumentary about vampires in today’s Belgium.

Red, White and Blue: Simon Rumley’s descent into the evil of man.

Cargo: Directors Ivan Engler and Ralph Etter have created the first Swiss Sci-fi film with Cargo. And what a film it is!

Stranded: A dark, multifaceted and exiting desert thriller!

Glenn 3948: With artificial intelligence comes artificial emotion.

Reykjavik Whale Watching Massacre: Júliús Kemp has directed an exotic Icelandic slasher film. A splendid entertainment massacre which has combined the basic genre ingredients with the Icelandic countryside, a multifaceted atmosphere accompanied by the original score of Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson and unpredictable twists.

Rammbock: With some delightful and sympathetic characters and everyday realism that few zombie films portray, Rammbock touches both our hearts as well as our nerves. And of course with a great deal of intestines!

From Nippon with gore

Mutant Girls Squad: Imagine The X-men directed by the lunatics who gave us The Machine Girl and Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein Girl. Totally over the top and playful, guaranteed to become one of the craziest films ever shown at LIFFF

Alien vs Ninja: If you want 85 minutes of pure messy fun then this is the film for you, a wet and latex filled ninja action extravaganza!

Robogeisha: If you’ve ever wanted to see a Japanese temple transform into a giant robot and start tearing down a city, a la Godzilla style, then this is the film for you!

Cruel Britannia

Black Death: LIFFF-veteran Christopher Smith returns with a "men on a mission"-film set during the Black death.

Strigoi: Strigoi is a wonderfully dark, provincial and exciting vampire tale with a charmingly twisted sense of humour and elements of improvised dance parties that put a twinkle in your eye. In a genre that seems to have lost its flare for blood and is stuck on all things shiny, Strigoi pulsates with innovation and homemade blood.

Savage: Savage flirts with our senses and pulls us into the emotional world of a deeply traumatised person in a way that is in equal parts captivating, exciting and interesting. Not to mention disturbing.

The Disappearance of Alice Creed: With merely three actors and a few scenes to mention, the film lifts us into a close knit and paranoid world where trust and betrayal are the focal point.

The Eclipse: Contains a startling amount of symbolism. Every detail is measured, every angle has its reason..


Despicable Me: A wonderful film for everyone who’s still a kid at heart , this is guaranteed to make you laugh so hard that you forget to eat your cinema candy! Midnight Madness:

El Monstro del Mar: An incredibly entertaining ride filled with nods to creature features and exploitation cinema, packed with busty bad-ass Russ Meyer babes!

Primal: Wilderness horror that constantly builds up an increasing feeling of discomfort and excitement all the way to the very end.

Dragonetti: Exploitation at its most entertaining stage. The director describes his film as a mixture of Hellraiser, Rambo and Ichi The Killer. Sounds like a perfect midnight movie!

Rampage: Uwe Boll takes us on a socially critical tour-de-force that shakes, moves and provokes the audience.

Evil In The Time of Heroes: This grotesque splatter fest is filled with bloody humour, lively editing, bizarre characters and oh, so gory zombie slaying!

The Open Vault

Phasma Ex Machina: A scifi-film that combines heart and mystique with the technological. And ghosts. A low key and lo-fi gem that reminded us a bit of Primer.

Mars: A romantic science-fiction comedy, told in the form of a animated graphic novel.

TiMER: Romantic science fiction comedy featuring Emma Caulfield who played Anya in Buffy!

Transfer: Imagine having only weeks to live and getting a chance to escape death, live a new life with your beloved with the strength and vitality of youth but in the luxury of retirement. Wonderful, right?

Machotaildrop: It's not easy to describe Corey Adams and Alex Craigs film as it is filled with imaginative and utterly absurd scenes and situations and is probably one of the most amazing things we've seen in a long time


Video Nasties: LIFFF veteran Jake West is back and this time he's bringing his co-producer

Marc Morris(ex Redemption Films). Together they've put together Video Nasties, a documentary about the moral panic over video violence in Britain during the 80s and 90s.

Cameraman – The Life and Work of Jack Cardiff: A caringly made documentary about the now deceased cinematographer Jack Cardiff, whose name turns up in the credits of some of the most acknowledged films in the history of cinema.

Strangers in a Strange Land: How many Greek sci-fi, Noir or thriller films have you seen? Do you know anything about Greek fantasy? Do you know anything at all about Greece’s dark genre jungle?

Closing film

Centurion: Neil Marshall( Dog Soldiers och The Descent), gives us an intense and engaging survival film about a group of Roman soldiers stuck in the Scottish highlands. More Deliverance than King Arthur.

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