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quietearth [Celluloid 09.07.10] Sweden movie news fantasy

Thobias Hoffman, writer and director of this upcoming film now currently in pre-production, describes it as a "live action version of a cartoon world" which will be filled with crude humor and all sorts of craziness. Apparently they've already shot some sort of pilot or promo which they plan to release later on, but at this point all that's available are some stills. While ostensibly nothing profound, the twisted puppet thing has always had me intrigued but has yet to satisfy. Here's hoping.

Choke him out!

Snow White the rabbit is stuck in a sadistic man’s pet store, she craves for love but nobody wants to take her home. But one day the animals wreck havoc and they all escape, including Snow White. She gets lost with her newfound freedom and almost dies, until the nice old lady Alice saves her. Snow White would've had a bright future if not for Alice's jealous and vindictive dogs, who call on their friend Flash, a shady and devious pimp cat. Together they plan to transform Alice's apartment into a brothel for animals, and force Snow White and even the human Alice into prostitution.

We R Animals is a comic adventure, filled with drug-using cats, horny dogs, cat-ninja assassins, vampire bats, cruelty and magic. In essence We R Animals is a love story told with warmth, where sometimes the laughter sits in the throat and forces us to question the morals and views of both animals and man.

You can check out more stills from the pilot/promo here.

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lenny (11 years ago) Reply

Oh my good lord please make this!!!


Boombox (11 years ago) Reply

This looks and sounds ******* amazing!


Pablo (11 years ago) Reply

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