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quietearth [Celluloid 09.08.10] movie trailer news drama romance

Our own Marina reviewed a workprint of this film a while back, and I have to say my opinion on this is a bit different. I would easily place what I saw in my top 5 favorite films of the year, probably second at this point. Jamie Heinrich, who directed it, also does some of the best editing I've ever seen. The music was so good I got a track listing from Jamie so I could dig it all up. The acting, as Marina says, is nothing to write home about, but certain circles have been calling Heinrich the next Gus Van Sant considering how incredible this piece of work is and what he can do with amateur actors.

And no, this trailer does not give away the entire film nor does it really tell you much about it. That is, besides the teen romance. It's gone through some additional shooting since the last workprint reviewed and I'm sitting on the new copy, and since it was just submitted to Slamdance and Sundance, we're showing it some much deserved love. My money is on Slamdance.

You can follow the film on the facebook page and check out the official website.

Trailer after the break.

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