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quietearth [Celluloid 09.13.10] zombies trailer news webseries

An upcoming web series which relies on sexy women to try and sell it (ok the zombies look pretty cool), Code Z is an upcoming web series with no date listed for a start. And no, it's not animated as the poster would indicate, which is too bad. It would work better. To the folks behind this, dedicating your show to Michael Jackson only works if you put Billie Jean in there. Please fix that in the next trailer.

Following the tragic death of their mother during labor, Hayley, Katelyn and Lena grow up in Brazil with their adoptive American family, The Banks. They never meet their biological father.

As the sisters mature, they quickly learn to use their sex appeal to their advantage. Life becomes more complicated when their parents discuss their looming divorce. Confused and frustrated, the sisters rebel. Hoping to instill discipline in them before it’s too late, their parents mutually agree to send their young daughters to a local military school. At the school the triplets learn how to fight, use firearms, strategize, and ultimately, unite. As usual, trouble finds them once again, and the girls are swiftly expelled from school.

With no other options, they are sent to live in the United States with their very strict, no-nonsense aunt who immediately enrolls them into a private boarding school. Initially, the girls put up a great deal of resistance, yet as time passes, this new life becomes a blessing and appears to be a fresh new start for the triplets.

However, the girls didn’t know their happiness would be short-lived; a Zombie outbreak would soon reach their school. After surviving this initial Zombie attack, they know their lives will never be the same.

This trio will be forced each day to use everything they’ve learned to stay alive. Hayley, Katelyn and Lena are now full-time, dedicated Zombie hunters with three main objectives:

- Find survivors
- Look for any possible cure to the Zombie virus
- Kill as many Zombies as they can along the way

Follow the triplet zombie killers on the official website.

Teaser after the break. via Live for Films

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Tom (9 years ago) Reply

I can't play the Trailer.
It says something like "This video ist privat ..."


Anonymous (9 years ago) Reply

Besides the fact that the triplets are incredibly hot....this looks terrible.


wheatley_s (9 years ago) Reply

private video??? whats it doing here then, thats BS!!!


MK (9 years ago) Reply

...........You guys do realize this is made by Michael Jackson's nephew Taj Jackson (Tito's oldest son) right? Taj dedicated it to his uncle because not only was he close to him, but he and his uncle shared the same passion for film and had talked about making a film together in the near future.

Seriously...before writing stuff like this you should do your research.

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