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quietearth [Film Festival 09.15.10] movie news

For those in Seattle, your in luck. The 2nd edition of the The Maelstrom International Fantastic Film Festival is this coming weekend (September 17th - 19th) and has not only a few films to satisfy, but a couple we really love.

Our own agentorange called Adam Mason's Blood River, which will be playing, a tour-de-force. You can read our review here..
A Serbian Film may have run into a few problems elsewhere, but play here in the states is never an issue.

You can check out further details and buy tickets off the official website.

Full lineup after the break.

Blood River
USA - Director Adam Mason - 104 min
A newlywed couple are pushed to the limit during a chance encounter with a mysterious drifter in a deserted ghost town.

Mørke Sjeler (Dark Souls)
Norway, France - Directors César Ducasse, Mathieu Peteul - 97 min
A revengeful father embarks on a dark thrill ride of lost memories, conspiracy and zombie-like symptoms. Finding the mysterious darkness within is the source of the bizarre world he has uncovered.

The Presence
USA - Director Tom Provost - 88 min
A woman travels to an isolated cabin where she finds herself stalked by an apparition who has come to inhabit her space as his own.

Srpski Film (A Serbian Film)
Serbia - Director Srđan Spasojević - 104 min
An aging adult movie star agrees to participate in an "art film" in order to make a clean break from the business, only to discover that he has been drafted into making a pedophilia and necrophilia themed snuff film.


A Complex Villainelle
USA Directors: Nathan Billington, Bart Ovaitt, Ryan Porter, Rebecca Forth - 8 min
The Penguin is looking for love and is introduced to a lovely nanny, Mary Poppins, who prefers travel by umbrella.

The Abaddon File
UK Director: Lorne Guy - 9 min
A cold war experiment into psychic spying turns out to be a dangerous game. The dead are not always the friends of the living.

Alice Jacobs is Dead
USA Director: Alex Horwitz - 22 min
A scientist races to find the cure to a horrific virus before it turns his wife into something monstrous.

Babylon 2084
Germany - Director: Christian Schleisiek - 30 min
In the year 2084 the world has sunken into the sea. The rest of mankind lives in two towers which underlie a self-destructing constraint to grow higher and higher.

Billy Baxter and The Mystery of Dr. Amazo
USA - Director Patrick Flaherty - 13 min
A young boy opens a new dimension of adventure when some comic book toys send him on an amazing trip of wonder.

USA - Director Joseph Albanese - 19 min
A reporter confronts a sadistic killer who takes her on a terrifying thrill ride she will never forget.

Cockpit: The Rule of Engagement
USA - Director Jesse Griffith - 12 min
In 2103, one rule in fighter combat keeps a mind controlling alien raceaway from Earth's doorstep.

USA - Director Marta Masferrer - 15 min
Conlang is a unique comedy about secret crushes, extreme linguistics and the language of love.

The Cow Who Wanted to Be a Hamburger
USA - Director Bill Plympton - 6 min
A children's fable about the power of advertising, the meaning of life and ultimately the test of a mother's love.

DemiUrge Emesis
USA - Director Aurelio Voltaire - 3 min
A mummified cat is tormented by the skeletons of past meals. Directed and animated by MTV and Sy Fy Channel veteran Aurelio Voltaire and narrated by Danny Elfman.

Dracula's Daughter vs The Space Brains
USA - Directors Frank Ippolito, Ezekiel Zabrowski - 5 min
Marketa, a vampire, must find untainted human blood to save her sister from the menace of the space brains.

Ducked and Covered: A Survival Guide to the Post Apocalypse
Australia - Director Nathaniel Lindsay - 9 min
An animated government/science style public service film, circa 1981, for surviving life in Australia after Nuclear War.

Elder Sign
Canada - Director Joseph Nanni - 3 min
If you suffer from an overwhelming sense of dread brought on by the realization of your own insignificance in the universe, then you need Elder Sign.

The Familiar
Canada - Director Kody Zimmermann - 22 min
Sam Matheson has accepted a very odd job: be the personal caretaker of an immortal, amoral, bloodsucking vampire.

Father and Sister
USA - Director Soyeon Kim - 5 min
A chance occurrence leads to a workplace temptation.

Flat Love
Spain - Director Andres Sanz - 15 min
A man, convinced that the world is actually flat, falls in love with a two-dimensional woman at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Flowers for Norma
USA - Director Juan Pablo Reinoso - 11 min
A young man strolls the streets of New York City to meet the love of his life, only to find that love is not all he expected it to be.

The Hatter's Apprentice
USA - Director Derek Meyer - 17 min
The Hatter's Apprentice is a Victorian-era thriller about a young apprentice hat maker who, driven by his affection for a local flower peddler, creates an exquisite hat, despite his master's warnings.

Hollow Girl
Ireland - Director Dave McCabe - 12 min
When young Katie wanders into a strange field and takes something that doesn't belong to her, she discovers that the fairies in her storybooks were lies and that there's a good reason why farmers leave the fey folk well enough alone.

Journey Quest
USA - Director Matt Vancil - 45 min
Following a group of dysfunctional adventurers on a quest to discover and destroy the mythical Sword of Fighting.

USA - Director Sijia Luo - 4 min
A little chicken who is late to school, and her excuse is being kidnapped on the way to school.

The Lift
USA - Director Robert Kohr - 6 min
An elevator interaction goes wrong, prompting a young woman to learn about being insensitive and to never make the same mistake again.

Love Does Grow on Trees
UK - Director Bevan Walsh - 10 min
A coming of age comedy about a teenage boy whose life is thrown into chaos when he discovers porn magazines, girls and the embarrassment that goes with both.

The Macabre World of Lavender Williams
USA - Director Nicolas Delgado - 26 min
Eight year-old Lavender Williams, who recently lost her mother to cancer, sets off on an epic journey to find her Dad, whom she's never met.

Manual Practico del Amigo Imaginario
Spain - Director Ciro Altabas - 19 min
At 27, Fernando must choose between finding love and losing Captain Kiloton, his imaginary friend.

The Necronomicon
Canada - Director Joseph Nanni - 2 min
Do you want to be a nicer person and are looking for inspiration to do good things? Well keep looking. But if you're into opening up terrifying vistas of reality then the Esoteric Order of the Old Ones and Cthulhu Cultists want to help.

No Escape
Germany - Director Till Martinsen - 8 min
Three employees find themselves in the men's room during a bank robbery. None of them fully comprehends what is happening outside in the bank's teller area and each of them is overwhelmed by the situation.

UK - Director Andrew Marsh - 13 min
Lucy, Noirville's only inhabitant, takes a mysterious journey through the night in a hope to cure her loneliness in this darkly surreal tale.

One Small Step
Australia - Director Damien Slevin - 5 min
On July 24th 1969 man finally reached the Moon as 600 million people watched. They were not the only ones.

Porque Hay Cosas Que Nunca Se Olvidan
Argentina - Lucas M. Figueroa - 12 min
Four friends plays soccer on the street. Suddenly the ball falls inside "evil grandma's" house. Thy probably won't play with this ball again, but the revenge will be terrible.

Red Revenge
Canada - Director Denny Dias - 6 min
With life already crashing, urban cowboy Billy Bruce loses the only thing he ever loved - a Red 1984 Camaro - to a crazed car enthusiast. Now the one thing he can finally steer is revenge, and you better bet it's gonna get red! Never mess with a man's car!

Rise of The Living Corpse
Canada - Director Christopher Walsh - 1 min
Rotting flesh breaks soil and the fun begins.

The Scottish Ninjas
USA - Director Beau Obremski - 21 min
Three kilted warriors, freshly settled in America, make their public debut battling the primate delusional, gun wielding maniac known as 'The Executioner. In the process, they catch the attention from the police, media, and a mysterious evil force working behind the scenes.

Slap Back Jack 'High Five Master'
USA - Director Mark Newell - 12 min
Having some trouble with high-fives and hand slaps? There's someone who can help, he's Slap Back Jack.

ST: Phoenix
USA - Director Leo Roberts - 30 min
After a major attack on the crew's starship, the crew attempts to rescue an away team on a remote planet.

Street Angel
Australia - Director Lucas Testro - 17 min
When Doctor Pangea, 'the world's deadliest geologist', escapes from prison with plans to destroy earth as we know it, Angel City turns to its unlikely champion, 14 year old homeless girl and kung-fu skateboarding superhero - Street Angel!

SuperBattle (Episode 1)
USA - Director Ethan Marak - 8 min
When a notorious super-villain escapes from his subterranean prison, the enigmatic robot warden summons his most powerful henchman to deliver justice. The first completed episode of an ongoing stop-motion animated series.

The 3rd Letter
USA - Director Grzegorz Jonkajtys - 17 min
Faced with the imminent loss of his crucial health insurance, Brief (Rodrigo Lopresti) unwittingly unravels a dark truth behind his insurance which subsequently pushes him to unspeakable lengths in an attempt for survival.

Thy Kill Be Done
USA - Directors Greg Hanson, Casey Regan - 16 min
When the Monsignor priest of a small church is killed by a gang of no-good hoodlums and their leader, the nuns in the church's clergy must take revenge. But these are no ordinary nuns.

USA - Director George Dondero - 5 min
Pull the tooth. Discover the truth.

Two Men, Two Cows, Two Guns
Canada - Director Pardis Parker - 5 min
An unexpected visitor with odd news and an odder story interrupts a family's quiet day at the farmhouse, sending it spiraling into a chaotic whirlwind of unfortunate misunderstandings.

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uncleB (11 years ago) Reply

Looking forward to seeing Blood River. Howard was awesome in The Devil's Chair and PIG was the sickest film I've seen since Sick Girl.

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