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quietearth [Film Festival 09.15.10] movie trailer news action comedy drama

Having received some very positive reviews along with some quite negative ones (Variety said "Waiting for Super to deliver the funny is an experience as long as the film itself") doesn't engender confidence. While I don't think I'll be requesting a screener I still want to check it out as I'm sure you folks do, so here's the first clip.

The film tells the story of Frank (Rainn Wilson), and in the film’s opening moments the entire film is laid out for you as Frank describes the two perfect moments in his life. One was when he married his wife Sarah (Liv Tyler), and the other was when he was on the street one day and saw a criminal running from the cops duck into a store to hide. Frank told the cops where to look, and that act made him feel powerful, like he was part of something. Those two perfect moments sum up who Frank is… a man who loves his wife and who aches to do something big and important to fight evil.

Frank’s given the subject of evil a lot of thought, and he’s had visions of a religious nature his whole life. When Sarah leaves him suddenly, Frank goes into a personal tailspin that culminates in an outrageous religious experience that absolutely makes the list of the five strangest things I’ve seen in a movie theater this year. Turns out Sarah is a recovering addict, and when she falls off the wagon, she ends up meeting Jacques (Kevin Bacon), a scumbag who is happy to use his access to drugs to win Sarah away from Frank. Frank interprets his religious experience as a call to make a costume, rename himself The Crimson Bolt, and fight evil so he can win Sarah back and save her life.

Frank’s version of fighting evil, though, seems to consist mainly of beating people’s heads in with a giant pipe wrench.

Clip after the break. via Coming Soon

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Anonymous (11 years ago) Reply

So we have Kick-Ass(over-rated, over-hyped), DefendOR(looks okay), and now this....when will these super hero comedies stop? Not soon enough.


Douglas (11 years ago) Reply

Gotta love Slither, PG Porn and Tromeo and Juliet, so, I'm expecting something good. Terror Firmer and Dawn of the Dead are the crème de la crème. but evertytime I remember Scooby Doo, I chill.

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