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quietearth [Celluloid 09.17.10] movie news thriller gallery

Oddly enough, Edward Furlong is in this flick, which is not director Gareth Roberts (Kill Kill Faster Faster) first. Why do I say that? Because I think he's got great talent and I'm wondering why they chose Meth, my least favorite of the Wu-Tang Clan, to headline. He looks like a friggin' pimp in that suit and the man can spit and get a crowd going, but since he started doing all those crappy films, I lost respect.

I can't see any real talent involved in this and I'm betting it's going to be a let down, but the idea sounds way too good to pass up. I'll still watch it. Ok, at least for 5 minutes to see if it's any good.

The Mortician processes corpses with a steely regard. He is alienated and cold. He feels threatened by his new employee, Noah, who brings the notorious gangster, Carver, to the mortuary door. The Mortician’s attention is pricked by the tattoo of Botticelli’s 'Birth of Venus' on the body of a murdered young woman, Jenny. A fleeting recognition triggers a sequence of haunting dreams from his childhood. He discovers a scared child, Kane, fleeing the morgue. Carver interrogates him about the whereabouts of the boy. The Mortician witnesses Noah drag Kane into the shadows of a derelict tenement. Forcing him to act, Kane sparks the Mortician’s emotional awakening. Emerging from his icy state, the Mortician and Kane become reluctant allies united in their struggle to escape the physical and emotional chains that threaten to imprison them.

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