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quietearth [Celluloid 09.20.10] Japan movie trailer news scifi

I'll never be able to stand that bloody pop music.

It is the year 2194. The Gamilons, an enemy of undetermined form, begin an invasion of Earth. The nations of Earth pool their forces and fight back, but their armies are defeated and most of humanity wiped out.

Five years later, in 2199, the Earth has been polluted by space-to-planet bombs, and those who remain alive have fled underground. Even the former top pilot, Susume Kodai, has left the military. One day as he is exploring above-ground, a mysterious object falls out of the sky. This is a communications capsule from the planet of Iscandar, 148,000 light years distant.

Apparently on Iscandar is equipment that will eliminate the radiation. The Defense Force of Earth equips the Space Battleship Yamato with a previously unknown propulsion system, a wave-motion engine based on plans found in the capsule. Kodai rejoins the Force, and resolves to set out aboard the “Yamato.” With the fate of the Earth in their hands, the crew blasts off for distant Iscandar. They have one year until radiation drives humanity to extinction. Kodai great battle has begun. Carrying humanity last hope with it, the Yamato blasts off!

After the break. via AHT

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Brett Weir (11 years ago) Reply

Where is Desslok?


Anglebender (11 years ago) Reply

I never liked Aerosmith, I also never had a van with the sides painted up with 3 wolfs howling at the moon. Not to be a buzzkill, but that that Stevie Tyler tune won't be heard until the credit roll, and the fact that it's IN THE TRAILER does not bode well with the Marketing Spirits. Otherwise, I'm more-than-slightly giddy.


bad dog (11 years ago) Reply

haha it looks every bit as melodramatic as the cartoon. Should be fun.


Chronos (11 years ago) Reply

Looks like the Yamato is fighting a Cylon basestar. ^_^


zeitzeuge (11 years ago) Reply

@Chronos: I thought the same thing. Battlestar Yamato?! WTF?! ^^

And shitty music, goddamn, its a melodramatic space battle, not an Emo-concert!


bad dog (11 years ago) Reply

Definitely a lot of Battlestar Galactica influence here... But that could be a good thing.


Rook (11 years ago) Reply

I long for the day when Hollywood will return to old school 'WWII in Space' sci-fi and abandon crappy sci-fi like Avatar.


Lotus Eater (11 years ago) Reply

Its gonna rule.

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