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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 09.23.10] post apocalyptic movie news book

It's the book adaptation that won't die! Even after producing the BBC's recent lackluster mini-series, it looks like Producer Don Murphy still thinks there's steam in John Wyndham's man vs. plant apocalypse story.

In a talk with Variety, Transformers Producer Don Murphy said of "Day of the Triffids" that "this original classic has still to be successfully envisioned on the screen," and that he plans on spearheading a big budget 3D version for cinemas with help from Michael Preger (Village of the Damned).

Triffids on the big screen: about time, or not?

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projectcyclops (12 years ago) Reply

There are so many other Wyndam books that are ripe for film treatment. Imagine a big screen version of The Kraken Wakes, I'd pay to see that.

Still, hope this is better than the 2009 TV series - that was pretty crappy.


wa5 (12 years ago) Reply

If he had anything to do with the 09 BBC effort, he should walk away now, he has no idea.
BTW it has been "successfully envisioned on the screen"... in 1981.


alteredcarbon (12 years ago) Reply

agreed the bbc series was and still is the best version, something new instead of the continuous rehash of ideas please


Cyberhal (12 years ago) Reply

the Kraken wakes could be awesome


wa5 (12 years ago) Reply

I'd like to see "The Crysalids"


andy (11 years ago) Reply

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