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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 09.28.10] Canada movie news short scifi

It’s always hard for me to get excited about short films because sometimes, they’re hard to track down. We’ll see a wicked trailer and they may play a festival or two but they often get lost in the shuffle. That seems to be changing with new avenues of distribution and I hope to all things good in this world that Canadian director Ayz Waraich finds enough success with his short film The Divine River that it gets a bit of a distribution because it looks like a calling card to much bigger things (not to mention that I really want to see it).

Shot on the RED and starring Jeannie Bolét and Stephen L. Sullivan, The Divine River is “a short science-fiction thriller about a female time-continuum agent [Agent SYL], who's on the hunt for a dangerous time terrorist known as "the fish."

My first thought at the voice over was “what’s with the Christian Bale rip-off” but by the second teaser, I was OK with it even if I still don’t really get the point of it (though it’s an instant attention grabber). Admittedly the first teaser doesn’t provide much in the way of what we can expect from the film but the second has a little action. Wicked.

Teasers after the break.

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Anonymous (11 years ago) Reply

but that shooter is ridiculous, it's too silly. seriously it looks like someone glues together a bunch of cereal boxes and sprayed painted them with bbq primer


wtf (11 years ago) Reply

at least the rifle looks interesting. no trigger.

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