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quietearth [Celluloid 09.29.10] movie trailer news musical comedy

I can't believe I somehow missed this considering our own Bob Doto loved the film and even coined a new term for it, "bitpunk". While it premiered at Tribeca and we've been waiting on a trailer for it, two clips dropped demonstrating the attitude and more musical aspects of the film. I really want to see this.

Someone release a bloody trailer already!

Junior high isn't easy for anyone; especially if you're a frizzy-haired, intersexed eight grader known by the unfortunate nickname, Spork. When the school talent show offers the unlikely opportunity for Spork to shine and show up the “mean girls”, she enlists the help of her best-friend, Tootsie Roll, to get her moves in shape. Like Spork herself, the film is funny, touching, and bursting with talent and a heart of gold. The great original soundtrack gets teens of all ages grooving in their seats.

Trailer after the break.

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